Shore Points was created in 2006 by the senior members of the Private Capital Group of BNP Paribas. After a long and successful run at BNP, we left the bank on friendly terms to pursue our strategy of making control investments in lower middle market businesses. While we have significant experience with bigger businesses and large transactions, we have found over time that our skills and style are best suited to working with companies that are growing but still modest in size.

We have learned there's no magic formula for success in our business. Each opportunity brings a unique combination of business risks and opportunities, personalities, and the unexpected. The best approach for us, we believe, is to stick with the core values that have worked in the past and have not changed since we started working together as a team almost twenty years ago:

  • Integrity comes first
  • Respect for our partners, investors, portfolio company managers and employees, and service providers
  • Confidence in our business judgment
  • Flexibility and open mindedness in evaluating new opportunities
  • Always be accountable


Investment Strategy

We primarily seek opportunities to partner with management/owners in growing businesses that are looking for additional resources or expertise to reach the "next level" of growth and profitability.

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“As a CEO and business owner for over 20 years without any outside investors, it was important for me to have a high degree of comfort with my new partners, especially since I planned to retain some ownership and continue to run the business after the transaction. After meeting with the Shore Points team and learning more about their experiences with other software companies similar to mine, I felt confident that my business and our long-time customers and employees were teaming with the right group.”

Jeff Colyar, President and CEO, Colyar Consulting Group